Buying The Right Leather Jacket

There have been improved fashions and designs of the leather jackets over the last one century. These jackets are the most versatile outer layers that can be worn by men. You can wear this jacket at home, during the weekends or when relaxing with your friends in a bar probably after work.

Which is the best leather for making a jacket?

These jackets are either made using hides or skins. What is the difference between hides and skins? Skins are obtained from the small animals while hides are obtained from the large animals. You are advised to purchase a jacket from a reputable retailer. This is critical ensuring that the leather used in making that jacket conforms to the set standards.
The following are some of the common types of leather used in making a leather jacket.


This is the skin obtained from a sheep which was sheared recently. This skin should be properly tanned and then dressed to ensure that the wool is retained. You can wear the leather obtained from this process with either side. One side of this leather has a clipped surface which is covered with fur while the other side has a nice looking suede surface.


This is the leather obtained from a calf. In general, it has an age of fewer than three years. It is soft in nature with fine grains which makes it durable.

Crocodile and alligator

Both of these leathers are similar regarding their pattern and texture. They are composed of square scales which are known as tiles. A close examination should be conducted or done to differentiate between the two types of skins. The crocodile skin has some little dots which are close to the edges of the scales while the alligator’s skin does not have them. These dots are the hair follicles. Additionally, the crocodile’s skin is harder than that of the alligator.

Which is the best style of the leather jackets?

There are different styles of leather jackets which you can consider. They include the following

Bomber jacket

This is among the most popular styles of leather jacket. It is designed with a simple collar and zipped pockets and front. It is considered to be among the common casual styles. It is most suited when worn with jeans.

Biker jacket

It is the style which is preferred by most people. It is designed with large lapels and a flared collar.